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Consultancy Services



The back bone of any industry relies on the best consultations it gets to run the business with more success stories than the others. The vigorous growth of both the information technology and business management industries started from their successful consultation clients. Our AJ Square's strength is our seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field of business consulting and delivering world-class solutions to clients from small-size businesses to bigger enterprises. Our latest trend in the industry is to drive it with a view of innovative business strategies by means of technology as an effective tool.

Our consultants understands the difficulties in your business using an analytical approach and recommends practically applicable plans. Our consultations will ensure your future profitability by leveraging the  technology in your enterprise.

 Our method to success is by understanding the customer's needs, identifying the apt technology for their business and implementing it in a more practical way in a cost-effective manner. Our unique feature is that even our top management professionals, get directly involved in delivering a more quality product and ensures the customer's satisfaction.

We provide

  •   Technology consulting
  •   Process consulting 
  •   Business consulting
  •   Quality consulting



"AJSquare has done wonders for me.They have turned idea into a working reality.They have the best services I've experienced anywhere.I've been using these guys for over 4 years they just keep on amazing me with outstanding work and customer service.If you have a problem or have a question it will be answered in less than 5 hours.I don't know how they do it but they do.These guys ROCK!!!!!."

George Kaskanlian JR

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