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Content Management System


As a highly potential content management services provider, AJ Square delivers solutions in the areas of component engineering, management and data enrichment (MRO, CRM and Product Data), and is capable of enabling global corporations and companies to optimize inventory, manage obsolescence, improve supply chain efficiencies and maximize sales. Our renowned engineering team improves our clients processes with accelerated project delivery for design and layout services, recommendations to improve current designs or complete product design and development. 

Our experienced specialists work around the clock and helps in lowering development costs, decrease time-to-market and increase savings. CMS is frequently used for storing, controlling and publishing industry-specific documentation such as news articles, operators' manuals, technical manuals, sales guides, and marketing brochures. The term content may include PC-based files, documents, images , audio & video media files, Web contents & other kind of electronic documents.

  • E-Learning/Knowledge Management
  • Web content management
  • Enterprise information (Content) management
  • Web-site architecture
  • Digital asset management

The Types, We handle
  • Web content management systems (automating various aspects of web publishing).
  • Transactional content management systems (managing e-commerce transactions).
  •  Integrated content management systems (managing enterprise documents and content).
  •  Publications management systems (managing the publications like manuals, books, help, guidelines, references).
  •  Learning management systems (managing the web-based learning content life cycle).
  •   Document imaging systems (general content management).
Our Focused area of services:
            1.    E-Commerce & Online Product Management
            2.    Intranet
            3.    Document management system
            4.    Tasks management
            5.    E-procurement and market places 



"AJSquare has done wonders for me.They have turned idea into a working reality.They have the best services I've experienced anywhere.I've been using these guys for over 4 years they just keep on amazing me with outstanding work and customer service.If you have a problem or have a question it will be answered in less than 5 hours.I don't know how they do it but they do.These guys ROCK!!!!!."

George Kaskanlian JR

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