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AJ Penny Auction - The Best PHP Based e-Auction Software

Penny Auction
Penny AuctionBidding on an auction raises the cost of the item by a fixed amount and typically also extends the deadline of the auction. After each bid the item price increases by one penny or as set by administrator.
Reverse Penny Auction
Reverse Penny AuctionIn Reverse penny auction type auction starts with the high price (usually RRP) and with each bid placed rather than increasing the price, The price is decreased by a pre-defined value.
Beginner Auction
Beginner AuctionThese are the auctions where only new comers (who have not won any auction yet) can bid. Any type of auction can be Beginner Auction as well; you just have to check the check box of "Beginners Only Auction" along with the other auction parameters for that auction.
Free bid Auction
Free BidEveryone likes free auctions where there is no cost to pay per bid but because its free a lot of people would just bid taking the price approximately near to retail price of the product or in some cases even higher than the retail price, now you can create free auctions with limit per user bids so that everyone uses the bids wisely and the point of penny auctions (to get some bargains) remains in place. Maximum number of bids per user will be displayed in user view so that the user can decide how often to bid.
Peak Auction
Peak AuctionThese Peak auction where only run or available on peak times.
Easy Startup
Easy StartupYou are buying a ready-made, fully tested and bug-free software product, which is ready for the launch
End By Bids
End BidsThis feature is used to post the auctions as end time by bids. By this feature, The auction will ends on the end time or if reaches the maximum bids..
Search Engine Friendly (SEO)
SEOProduct title appear in the page URL , allowing your products to be easily discovered by potential bidders who are using search engines.
Advanced Features
AJ Penny Auction is bug-free software packed with all the necessary (and extra!) features for a professional auction website.
Constant Improvements
AJ Penny Auction is constantly being worked on by our programmers, having experience in customizing several successful penny auctions. If you feel that our software is missing a feature, feel free to drop a request, we'll consider them to add it in a future version.
Quicker response
Don't waste your days waiting for a response from other developers. Call us or drop a query with your number and we will call you immediately!
Hosting Services
We provide advanced hosting services with affordable hosting plans. More information regarding this can be found with our support team.
Application installation
Our representatives can install your software on your own hosting service. We will take care of everything!
It's easy to customize and you can have new features added on request.
    More Features
  • Bidding in the Penny Auction format. Paying per bid and the price increases by a set (or variable) amount.
  • Members can place bids by clicking "bid now" button - from Homepage as well.
  • All active auctions are displayed on the homepage automatically - most active auctions and those which will be finishing soon can highlight by admin as hot or featured auctions through Legends.
AJ Penny Auction Highlights

AJ Penny Auction Software is powerful, scalable & fully-featured software that allows you to create the ultimate profitable online penny auction website, Manage your entire online auction operation through it: create new auctions within seconds. Bidding in the Penny Auction format is use coupons per bid and the price increases by a set (or variable) amount.

AJ Penny Auction will allow to setup comprehensive and robust auction site. Site administrator can adjust auctions time, step, bid increments, date formats, user authentication, graphic design layout and other parameters in admin panel.

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Context Help & Manuals

Customer's understanding of our product is a top priority for us, so we deliver our products with extremely helpful product manuals, which provide help in many forms including HTML and PDF documents as well as video tutorials.

Technical Support

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