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  • The Future of e-learning

    According to Market Data Retrieval (MDR) in USA two thirds of colleges and universities offer long distance learning courses and the number of institutions offering accredited degrees have increased to 55%. New varieties of e-Learning..

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AJ LMS- The Best Software

LMS-Portal aims to make e-training faster, better and less expensive at the same time making learning simple by using the most cost effective technologies.
Easy Implementation
AJ LMS Pro-ED Global provides easy-to-use, integrated access to all services needed to successfully implement the e-learning platforms.
& can make things possible which are said to be impossible.
Highly Unique
AJ LMS Pro - is a tool that has the power to integrate the Communication, Organization, Management, Training and other e-learning based things.
Multi-lingual support
The E-learning platform supports multiple language (English, French and German) contents makes e-learning,possible to all.
E-Learning @ its best
LMS pro makes learning Anything, Anywhere, at Anytime, providing easy access to internet learning system & upgrades, ones education at any point of his career. 
The technology driven platform, enables educational institutions and business organizations to move teaching, training and learning initiatives and programs on the Internet for E-learning to take place.
Saves Time & Improves Predictability
AJ LMS Pro is a ready-to-use system which significantly increases the performance predictability & eliminates the risk of facing unknown challenges during implementation.
This model significantly reduces various unwanted expenses of using an LMS. This is a tangible and a substantial saving in the total cost of ownership of the LMS.
AJ LMS Pro – ED Global has a proven track record of working with a diverse set of organizations to increase their workforce productivity and readiness which ultimately made thier investment, a more strategic one.
Flexible Course Management
Import and export your courses; Publish Courses for any period; Configure tools for each Course; Grant tutor role for any selected user for specified Course.
Payment features
Change course pricing at any time; Choose currency; Different payment gateways; Automatic payment status validation; Payment statistics.
Simple Interface
AJ LMS Pro – ED Global allows you to manage all your clients and distributors from a single interface and maintain control of your contents, easily with few mouse clicks.
Attendance tracking
Tutor can track the attendance report of every learner who has joined the tutors’ courses. This helps tutor to keep track of every learner.
Bulk Questionnaire upload
AJ LMS Pro enables you to upload bulky questionnaires and supports uploading of other evaluating questionnaire methods.
Feedbacks to Learners
Tutor can send feedback to every learner regarding their courses or their attendance and much more, which ultimately results in improved course results.
Easy Access
Learners can instantly connect to the course ware, from anywhere with their AJ LMS Pro global account and avail all the advantages of an instructor-led training session online.
Learning Path
Powerful and customizable native learning paths with all kind of embedded media and built-in Quizzes. Import SCORM packages or any other existing Course materials.
If a tutor wishs to provide mobile compatible contents, then they can upload the content using a simple text editor. Learner can study the materials using their mobiles.
Hosting Services
We do highly-advanced hosting services with easily affordable hosting plans & If interested, please contact our support team.
Application installation
You can use our representative to install the software on your own hosting service or we will take care of everything, if you have availed our hosting services.
Easy to customize & possibilities to add new features on request, according to your need.
    More Features
  • Suitable for 100% online classes as well as supplementing face-to-face learning
  • Simple, lightweight, efficient, compatible, low-tech browser interface
  • Standard email method: students can create their own login accounts. Email addresses are verified by confirmation.
  • Facilitates learners to study materials from mobiles
E-Learning @ its best:

AJ LMS Pro – ED Global’s user-friendly environment can be deployed seamlessly; it is easy to implement. Provides access to all tutor and learners which require an Internet connection, only. Such easy deployment means that your business goes uninterrupted & makes it instantly available to anyone. Easy assessment of  learner's satisfaction & expertise is enabled. AJ LMS Pro – ED Global  offers a portal that enables you to test and evaluate students on each course and certify them through an automated assessment process. Based on these evaluations, you can also measure training needs and identify improvement areas to be addressed in the future.


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Customer's understanding of our product is a top priority for us, so we deliver our products with extremely helpful product manuals, which provide help in many forms including HTML and PDF documents as well as video tutorials.

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Receive life-time technical support for our products through all means of communication.