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AJ Help Desk - User Features

PDF Guides
This product greatly caters the need of people who wish to download the valuable material in the selected format of PDF. The user utilizes both categories and sub-categories in distributing all valuable materials in systematic manner for benefit of the customer's. The PDF guides acts as a asset to this product.
Video Tutorials
AJ Help Desk software satisfies the desire of people who liked to download video of all important material by use of Video Tutorials feature. The user can select both categories and sub-categories for maintaining the Video Tutorials in a systematic way. By this every one can gain valuable information and upgrade their knowledge.
Ticket Support
The product excel in delivering customized and effective Ticket Support service with flexibility and process excellence. The user can post any query and get diligent replies with apt solutions for their queries.
Live Support
It provides an opportunity for experiencing the effective Live Chat Services support for communicating with qualified technical executives. With help of this feature one can avail all constructive details by means of live chat. It helps to interact with the help desk person by the client or user.
Community feature in AJ Help Desk software helps and enhance the lively participation of global users to marvel our product. We encourage community services to trail our software , design modules etc. This feature provides enormous base to share your ideas and views in order to get generate creative thinkings from all corners of the clients. You can get more details about all latest happenings in the field of technology and many more. By presence of creative and acumen customers it is cinch that there is a solution for all queries with a practical approach. We invite and include anyone in our community to add, browse, search, and build onto glory of success with the use of AJ Help Desk software.
This setting is used to display the FAQ questions according to the category and subcategory wise. This setting offers numerous base to share your thoughts and views in order to get essential answer for any topic that was reviewed as FAQ.
Knowledge base
This key setting are designed to permit people for retrieving and using the knowledge that they contain. It is commonly used to complement for sharing information among employees within an firm. It includes generally troubleshooting details, articles, or answers to frequently asked questions.
Trouble Shooting
This feature solves and gives remedies for all queries pertain to different norms. It is a form of logical and systematic search for the source of a problem so that it can be solved, and so the process can be made operational again. It is also the process of isolating the specific cause.
It is very useful page that allows visitors of your site stay informed of the latest events concerning your specified business and website updates etc.
Event management is considered one of the strategic and communication tools by companies of all sizes. From product launches to press conferences, companies create promotional events to help them communicate with clients and potential clients.
Log in Registered Users
The Users are requested to register on their choices or can access as guest users into the system for utilizing the major functionalities of the product. The Clients can log in into the site by providing personal information, email and password.
This setting caters the need of clients who in turn use this feature. The Feedback describes the situation when output from an event or in the past will influence the same event in the present or future.