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AJ Auction - The Best PHP Based e-Auction Software

Object-Oriented Programming
MVCAJ Auction - uses complex data structures made up of data fields and methods interacting and their interactions ensure that your software is substantial and reliable.
AJDPAJ Auction  has security-intensive features such as encrypting the user's password.
Fully Customizable
OOPAJ Auction  features a web-based admin that allows you to do everything you could possibly need. AJ Auction Pro - is also 100% HTML template based.
Homepage Editor
MVCHome Page Editor option is integrated in the system, By default the design type can be changed by the admin based on the need. The option either to select anyone among the three (Left, Center, Right) also enable /disable option is integrated in the following options – Advertisement , Categories, Auction of the Day, Featured Items, Lowest Unique Bid, Highest Unique Bid, Recently Listed, Hottest Listings, Site Statistics.
Facebook Share & Twitter Share
AJDPThe product posted in the script can also be shared in facebook & Twitter. By sharing the items,there will be high opportunities of the product promotion & sales. The views of the product will promote the creditability of the product & feedback will helps to overlap the limitations of it.
New Template with 5 themes
OOPThe software comes with 5 creative themes,which helps to display your site in high standard, AJ Auction 2012 comes with the following themes–pink,apple,skyblue,gray,dark-blue. The above themes can be selected by the admin from the admin panel.
Item Management
The Item Management section allows you to view, edit, delete, terminate a bid, or extend a bid to any specified period.
Image Settings
You can edit the image settings that restrict the maximum amount of images per item, image uploading, etc.
Category Management
The Category Management section allows you to add or delete categories and sub-categories.
Unlimited Categories
AJ Auction Pro allows you to have an unlimited number of categories. You can also manage your categories through your web-based admin.
Home Page Advertising
The users have the option to advertise their product on the home page at an extra cost.
Reserve Prices
Sellers have the option to give a minimum selling price, which is not disclosed to the bidders.
Feedback System
Allows users to post open feedback and rate/comment on other feedback. The admin may also customize the feedback fields.
Easy Category Browsing
AJ Auction  features a clearly laid out category browsing system, enabling the user to go directly to their chosen auction hall.
Rating Wise Bidding
When the admin allows Rating-Wise Bidding for each of the auction types, then the seller will be provided the option to allow buyers to bid on a particular item based on its rating.
Custom Start/End time
Sellers can choose a custom bid-start time or bid-end time for their item or they can post it in open bid.
Picture upload
Sellers can upload images of their items to be displayed in listings & admin can restrict the amount of allowed pictures.
Video Embedding
Sellers can add the videos for their products as embedded codes from youtube.com, MySpace.com & more.
Hosting Services
We provide advanced hosting services with affordable hosting plans. More information regarding this can be found with our support team.
Application installation
Our representatives can install your software on your own hosting service. We will take care of everything!
It's easy to customize and you can have new features added on request.
    More Features
  • Quick and advanced search utility.
  • Complete auctions management.
  • eBay User Feedback.
  • Bidders can watch items and track them.
  • Bidders can view feedback of there sellers before purchase/bid
Auction Highlights

AJ Auction 2012Here is an opportunity to start your own professional auction website, even if you have 0 programming experience! AJ Auction is some of the most advanced and user-friendly auction software available. It's excellent navigation features make it easy to use and our support team will help you customize your website to your most specific requirements. The Script can be customized based on client's request. The new features can be added or Existing features can be Edited or deleted. Even the web designs or any sort of customizations can do with script with our professional developers. In addition, the Maintenance of the site, including database, contents can be performed at best quality, also outsourcing the customer support of the site. To know more about this service you can leave your contact details to our sales department. We are always committed to deliver solutions for your expectations. If you want to customize the script please click here.

Note: The latest Security Patch for AJ Auction is available for update. Clients who own AJ Auction can receive this update by emailing your order number or domain name to sales@ajsquare.com or you can contact us at http://support.ajsquare.com.


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